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Police Station

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being arrested or if you chose to voluntarily be interviewed at the Police Station, contact Eastgate Chambers for representation.  You have a choice of Solicitor.

We offer representation at the Police Station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from one of our Solicitors or Accredited Police Station Representatives.  Should you be arrested outside of an area that we can get to at short notice or if we do not have someone available, we can instruct an agent to attend on our behalf at the Police Station – your case will then be passed on to one of our offices depending on the outcome of the interview.  If you are charged and you are brought before the Magistrates Court, we have a team of experienced Solicitors to represent you. Our support staff have many years of experience and some are our longest serving members of staff. They are on hand to assist you throughout the progress of your case. If your case proceeds to the Crown Court, you will be assigned a dedicated contact who will work closely with you and your instructed Counsel of choice to present your case at the Crown Court. If convicted, your Counsel will will then offer advice on whether or not to make an application to Appeal to the High Court.